Very excited to announce that March brings more solidarity concerts in Brooklyn, Brussels, and Lisbon!

jay street

When I lived in Paris, I played banjo and sang in Liam Carey’s band Secondstar. Looking forward to hearing him live again and being reunited for this New York show. Here is one of Liam’s songs that I sang on, from his album Feets:


Brussels – vendredi 17 mars – centre garcia lorca (merci Francoiz Breut for the beautiful poster!) avec Clare Louise, Blondy Brownie, LE TON MITÉ, V.O.,Castus, Françoiz Breut, and DJ sets Jean Michel Mikili, Saul Karlu, Brownie, DJ Minoo


Lisbon – 25 marco – musicbox – com Frankie Chavez com Selma Tito,Beautify Junkyards & Nice Weather For Ducks



the time has come for me to make a major announcement and to share something with my community that I have been living through privately up until this point. About a month ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The type I have is called triple negative, which is a stronger form in general but responds well to chemotherapy, which I will be starting in a week. Beginning this battle and with every news headline, it feels as though both my inner and outer worlds have turned completely upside down. Inhabiting this space of a life I barely recognize, I take shelter in the idea that crisis always solicits a response, from those who love, hope, teach, create and who stand up for what is right at a time when so much is at stake.

I draw my strength from all of you and will be fighting alongside you.
As I am going through this, my friends and family have put together a couple of benefit concerts as well as a youcaring page to deal with the mounting costs of being sick in the USA. Youcaring:

The first fundraising concert will be February 23rd at The Jalopy Theater with Charming Disaster and Jeffrey Lewis, and if I’m feeling well enough, I’m hoping to hop up on stage and play a few tunes too. Suggested donation is 15 dollars, but there are a lot of ways to show support and just showing up to enjoy the music is one of them!



Mini-tour in Portugal with Beautify Junkyards

Beautify Junkyards has invited me to share the bill for a mini-tour in Portugal. I met this great band when they were working on their first album. At the time, I was living in a small city in Portugal called Leiria. They invited me to sing a Bridget St. John cover – Ask Me No Questions:


This mini-tour is bittersweet as these will be my last shows in Portugal for a little while at least. After these shows, I’m heading back to the East coast of the US. And as it sinks in, I’m expecting to be hit with a huge case of saudade (the Portuguese word for nostalgia/homesickness), but for now staring at the hypnotic psychedelic kitty on this flyer is making me feel a lot better as I look forward to traveling in Portugal again and playing these shows in great company.

poster bj + erica final small

Maga Session

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of playing a Maga session, a private concert in a beautiful and spacious apartment in Lisbon. I was joined by Pedro Marques from the Leiria-based band First Breath After Coma on drums. I’ve always loved playing house shows since my Paris days, when impromptu concerts in someone’s living room was a way of life and provided an ideal ambiance for connecting with an audience and community. If you have a chance to attend a Maga session, it’s a really unique way to experience music in Lisbon. I’ll have some new shows coming up in Portugal towards the end of this month as a double bill with one of my favorite bands. More news soon!


Happy New Year!

Like many I’m not the best at sticking to New Year’s resolutions, but it’s only the 6th of January, so my idealism is still strong. I’d like to treat this website a little bit more like a blog and post here more frequently. Time will tell if I can keep it up, but here goes!

It’s a cold and rainy day in Lisbon. On days like this the city doesn’t resemble the sunny haven I had in mind when I first came to Portugal. Then again, I almost prefer it like this. There’s something enchanting (and slippery) about the shine of rain-soaked cobblestone. The air is thick with fog and clouds of smoke wafting from the carts of roasted chestnut vendors. The chill reminds me of home, but the scenery is always breathtakingly new. A sliver of sea in the gaps between buildings. A tall palm tree splayed valiantly against the monochrome sky.

trolley lisboa

The old trolleys are stuffed to the brim with tourists and commuters. They clamor past with a bell for a horn and a loud grinding of metal gears. It’s a wonderful, chaotic sound that I’ve come to associate with jumping out of the way as quickly as possible.

2015 was a quiet but fruitful year. I’ve had the chance to work with some extremely talented people on the new album, and I’m so pleased with the result and eager to share these new songs. It’s been a long wait between records. I promise that it will be worth it.

In the meantime, here’s an acoustic sneak peak/listen of a new song , filmed in Coimbra on a rainy day much like this one, filmed by Cultur’Arte Mag.

Putting the finishing touches on my second full-length LP in Paris and Lisbon…news coming soon!



True Love and Water filmed by the Bodyspace Videoteca in Porto, Portugal

Video Interview with Canal 180

London Shows:

April 6th: In-Store at ROUGH TRADE WEST London, 5 PM

April 8th, The Slaughtered Lamb, London, presented by Pull up the Roots


February 2013

New UK Review

“Such a simple idea so perfectly realized, with the weight of a female Leonard Cohen wrought through the tune and dancing finger picking of the guitar strings, interlaced with a gossamer beauty as fragile and electrifying as a gentle caress.” – Simon 
Holland, Properganda


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