Mini-tour in Portugal with Beautify Junkyards

Mini-tour in Portugal with Beautify Junkyards

Beautify Junkyards has invited me to share the bill for a mini-tour in Portugal. I met this great band when they were working on their first album. At the time, I was living in a small city in Portugal called Leiria. Somehow they found me and invited me to sing a Bridget St. John cover. I have been a huge fan of their music ever since, and it just keeps getting better. Here is the cover Ask Me No Questions that I sang on their first album:


This mini-tour is bittersweet as these will be my last shows in Portugal for a little while at least. After these shows, I’m heading back to the East coast of the US. And as it sinks in, I’m expecting to be hit with a huge case of saudade (the Portuguese word for nostalgia/homesickness), but for now staring at the hypnotic psychedelic kitty on this flyer is making me feel a lot better as I look forward to traveling in Portugal again and playing these shows in great company.

poster bj + erica final small