the time has come for me to make a major announcement and to share something with my community that I have been living through privately up until this point. About a month ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The type I have is called triple negative, which is a stronger form in general but responds well to chemotherapy, which I will be starting in a week. Beginning this battle and with every news headline, it feels as though both my inner and outer worlds have turned completely upside down. Inhabiting this space of a life I barely recognize, I take shelter in the idea that crisis always solicits a response, from those who love, hope, teach, create and who stand up for what is right at a time when so much is at stake.

I draw my strength from all of you and will be fighting alongside you.
As I am going through this, my friends and family have put together a couple of benefit concerts as well as a youcaring page to deal with the mounting costs of being sick in the USA. Youcaring:

The first fundraising concert will be February 23rd at The Jalopy Theater with Charming Disaster and Jeffrey Lewis, and if I’m feeling well enough, I’m hoping to hop up on stage and play a few tunes too. Suggested donation is 15 dollars, but there are a lot of ways to show support and just showing up to enjoy the music is one of them!